Steampunk Green Color El Dorado Top Hat, Motorcycle Ban Biker Leather Top Hat

  • Made with 100% excellent quality real leather.
  • Gives a stunning look and adds extraordinary glamour to your personality.
  • Suitable for all occasions.
  • Quality 100%, no compromise with the quality.
  • Once you purchase it, you will really appreciate it.
  • Our first priority is to satisfy our customers.

Heads come in all sizes, and in a lot’s variety of shapes. Although high quality hats are adaptable, and will usually confirm to differences in shape with a little wearing, it is essential that the size be correct for the head. To determine your hat size, measure the circumference around your head, keeping the tape level and firm, across the temples and above the eyebrow ridges. Check the size chart given below. For in-between measurements use the next size up.

Hat Care:
Any scratches or marks occur naturally and are merely proof of its authenticity. The suede finish hats may be cleaned with a stiff brush or fine sand paper. Smooth leather may be periodically treated with leather dressing If the hat gets wet, first wipe it with a dry cloth. Then, with the brim turned up, place it on a level, clean surface to dry. Do not use artificial heat. All hats may also be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary. Some shrinkage may occur if exposed to extreme heat. The stiffening along the edge of the brim allows the hat to be shaped as desired.

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